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KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd. Expands Research Integrity Service

Glen Allen, VA—KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd. (KGL), the leading provider of transformative content solutions, announces the launch of its next generation of services to safeguard research integrity. Combining experience and support from peer review through content preparation and electronic deliverables, KGL’s technologies and workflows can ensure that journal publishers detect misconduct at the earliest opportunity and maintain their reputations for quality and impact.  

The ever-increasing need to publish for career progression, increasing global research output, and the proliferation of digital tools all pose a growing challenge to publishers who compete for the best authors and reviewers. To address these changes in the publishing landscape, KGL’s global peer review teams offer checks for a variety of risks as standard practice, including author and institution verification, potential conflicts of interest, and plagiarism, as well as vetting data repositories.  During the editorial and production process, checks are also implemented for repetitive or unnatural language patterns, factual inconsistencies, or unnatural flow.  

To help publishers further extend their teams for audit processes and investigations, a premium Research Integrity Service is offered that includes ethical issues investigation and resolution along with checks for paper mills; tortuous, AI-generated phrases; and image duplication and manipulation—using both automated tools and professional evaluation. 

Atul Goel, President of KGL remarked, “Publishers are acutely aware that even a single, public, breach of their editorial defenses can damage their hard-won reputation for academic excellence. Recent and very prominent use of AI-generated content in published papers have made these concerns even more present, and we have developed and continue to invest in solutions to support our clients in reducing these risks and protect the integrity of their publications.” 

About KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd. 

KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd. (KGL) is the premier industry provider of editorial, peer review, production, management consulting, online hosting, and transformative solutions for every stage of the content lifecycle. KGL serves the STEM/HSS, educational publishing, and eLearning markets from content creation through distribution of print and digital products. A division of CJK Group, Inc., KGL unites content and technology expertise with over 200 years of experience serving the publishing market and is powered by state-of-the-art, intelligent solutions and delivery platforms including Smart Suite and PubFactory. For more information, please visit www.kwglobal.com

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