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CJK Group Acquires Tweddle Group

Brainerd, MN – CJK Group, Inc. announced today that it has acquired Tweddle Group, a pre-eminent provider of one-stop product support service to a broad array of global original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Tweddle is widely recognized as a leader in content development, content management, creative services, and digital, print, and distribution solutions—all supported by state-of-the-art proprietary technologies.  

At the core of Tweddle Group is a mission to greatly enhance its clients’ end-user experiences, be it simplifying and streamlining user data and access, or applying technology to enhance processes or deliver innovative new solutions. Simply put, Tweddle Group is a catalyst to OEM success; delivering solutions that yield customer retention and growth.

With over 500 employees worldwide, Tweddle Group’s Global Headquarters resides in Clinton Township, MI. The company also has offices in Europe and Asia. Tweddle Group Italy is located in Ravenna, with supporting offices in Torino, Modena, and Pozzilli, Tweddle Group Belgium is located in Schelle, Belgium, and Tweddle Group China is located in Shanghai. The company was founded in 1954.

Tweddle Group will operate under the leadership of Mark Berkey, formerly VP of Strategy and Corporate Development at CJK Group, and he will report to Chris Kurtzman, CJK Group CEO.

Commented Kurtzman, “The addition of Tweddle Group represents further diversification for CJK Group, while allowing us to build upon our leading technology and service platforms. Both Tweddle Group and CJK Group have strong reputations in markets served with longstanding customer relationships. Combined, our customized solutions provide greater value and an enhanced customer experience to an ever-growing stable of industries.”

Kurtzman added, “We are also very excited that Pat McGinnis, Tina Stuart, Archie Meyers, Roberto Coccoluto, and Claude Vanbeveren, among many other talented Tweddle Group team members, will be joining the CJK Group. Their dedication, talent, and passion for satisfying customer needs fits so well with our extended family.”

About Tweddle Group
Tweddle Group believes products should be easy to use, and delivers integrated, multi-channel information solutions to support every aspect of the post-sale experience—for product managers, technicians and—most of all—consumers. For more information, visit www.tweddle.com.

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