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Akadémiai Kiadó partners with Sheridan PubFactory to host all of their journals

Hanover, PA—Akadémiai Kiadó is relaunching their AKJournals publishing program̶̶̶̶―60+ peer-reviewed STM titles―on Sheridan PubFactory’s online hosting platform.

Balázs Réffy, CEO, Akadémiai Kiadó said: “As the most prestigious STM publishing organization in Central and Eastern Europe, we are driven to invest in our scientific communities and in technologies that enable us to increase global discovery of our valuable research content. Relaunch of AKJournals on the PubFactory platform is a core part of our content growth strategy and researcher outreach initiatives over the course of the next 5 years.”

Sheridan’s José Fossi, VP of Client Services for PubFactory commented: “We are proud to leverage our PubFactory platform technology to support Akadémiai Kiadó’s promotion of international and Hungarian scientific research. Akadémiai Kiadó is exactly the kind of publishing partner that we work best with―mission-driven and committed to maximizing the capabilities of our PubFactory platform to achieve their vision.”

Sheridan PubFactory can guide and support publishers through any point in the content lifecycle. The PubFactory platform and publishing services have been adopted by prestigious publishers like OUP, Journal of Neurosurgery Publishing Group, American Society for Horticultural Science, and the Society for Endocrinology’s Bioscientifica Ltd. Today, the PubFactory platform is host to 2,300+ journals, 400,000+ books, numerous databases, and reference works.

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