About Us

Grow with us.

At the heart of CJK Group is an entrepreneurial spirit, a devotion to the craft of printing, and a desire to provide the publishing communities we serve with solutions and services that go well beyond ink on paper.

We are committed to growth through acquiring the best-in-class content production facilities in the world to ensure that today’s publishers, educators, catalogers, and information providers have a choice to partner with exceptional companies, all dedicated to the highest level of quality and service.


Our Companies. Our Services. Our Industries.

Our Team

Strength in Leadership.

Meet the CJK Group leadership family, each contributing significantly to the success and growth of our organization.

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Chris Kurtzman

Chief Executive Officer
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Ben Matalamaki

Chief Financial Officer
Aaron Crandall
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Aaron Crandall

Chief Legal Officer/General Counsel
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Grant Miller

chief information officer &
chief technology officer
Dale Tepp
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Dale Tepp

Chief Human Resources Officer
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G. Paul Bozuwa

President of Sheridan
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Todd Vanek

chief sales officer, sheridan
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Atul Goel

President of Knowledgeworks global ltd.
Mark Berkey
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Mark Berkey

President of Tweddle Group

Our Values

1. We Have Fun

  • We fill our organization with great people
  • We find joy and pride in work done well
  • We enjoy and celebrate our success
  • We have a positive and optimistic environment
  • We create opportunities and make time to enjoy a good laugh

2. We Develop People

  • We hire, train, and retain quality people
  • Our employees are key stakeholders who should enjoy their work
  • We have high expectations of each other
  • We provide opportunities for employees to advance and grow
  • We seek out and mentor emerging leaders
  • We drive out fear of failure
  • We recognize individual and team accomplishments

3. We Have Integrity

  • We are honest and up-front in dealing with each other
  • We show respect and courtesy to one another and treat each other fairly
  • We build trust among ourselves as well as our customers, suppliers, and communities
  • We obey the law
  • We make principle-based decisions
  • We are committed to maintaining a safe workplace environment and safety-conscious culture

4. We are Cost Conscious

  • A dollar saved is a dollar earned
  • We believe that every process can be improved
  • We eliminate unnecessary waste or outlay
  • We aggressively pursue the best deal through strong supplier partnerships
  • We reinvest our profits in people, new technology, and equipment

5. We are Growth Oriented & Customer Focused

  • We are entrepreneurial in our approach; growth is our oxygen
  • We are open to new requirements that support increased sales
  • We nurture customer relationships
  • We provide superior products, services, and solutions to our customers
  • We do what we promise and always act in the best interest of the customer
  • We take calculated risks for large opportunities

6. We are Problem Solvers

  • We solve problems for our clients
  • We embrace internal issues as opportunities for improvement
  • We will find a way to accomplish anything
  • We Identify, Discuss, and Solve issues
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